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For that picture-perfect Florida Keys Wedding, Keys Caribbean Island Weddings will ensure a wedding of a lifetime
Ordained Minister Pastor Keith LaFountain
For that picture-perfect Florida Keys Wedding, Keys Caribbean Island Weddings will ensure a wedding of a lifetime
The isle runner with conch shells, starfish and palms.
For that picture-perfect Florida Keys Wedding, Keys Caribbean Island Weddings will ensure a wedding of a lifetime
The arbor with 2 tiki torches
For that picture-perfect Florida Keys Wedding, Keys Caribbean Island Weddings will ensure a wedding of a lifetime
The venue
For that picture-perfect Florida Keys Wedding, Keys Caribbean Island Weddings will ensure a wedding of a lifetime
The sand
For that picture-perfect Florida Keys Wedding, Keys Caribbean Island Weddings will ensure a wedding of a lifetime
The tropical flowers
For that picture-perfect Florida Keys Wedding, Keys Caribbean Island Weddings will ensure a wedding of a lifetime
The arbor
For that picture-perfect Florida Keys Wedding, Keys Caribbean Island Weddings will ensure a wedding of a lifetime
The rings
For that picture-perfect Florida Keys Wedding, Keys Caribbean Island Weddings will ensure a wedding of a lifetime
The cake with starfish and shells in white chocolate
Isle Runner with conch shells starfish and palm leaves


Marriage & Love Stories from Key West Weddings

The following are true stories by people married by us.

When I first met Robert I was in the middle of my female dorm in the local jail where I am employed. I had to escort him in to work on the plumbing. He was EXTREMELY good looking, and every girl in that place knew it. It was quite difficult to try to control all of their enthusiasm! After a little bit of small talk I found out he lived one house down from my very best friend. Whom I called to bless out shortly thereafter for not telling me this hunk lived right down the road from her!

Well, Robert is very bashful, and I thought he was interested, but I could not tell for sure. He just seemed like he was too hot to be even interested in me. Or at least that is what I thought. He told me since that he never had the nerve to ask a girl out on the first meeting, but that he knew I was different from day one. I knew he was too.

I was very busy that day. My radio went off again and again, and I so wanted to talk to him more, however I was unable to. Duty called. He asked a co-worker of mine about me, and they told him I was married, and I was but had been separated, I guess everyone didn’t know about that! And he told me he would have asked me out that day, had it not been for that.

Well, for a while he was still working in the jail, just not in my section, but wherever he was I tried to make it a point to go wherever it was he was! It is so funny because now that we have talked about it, he tells me that he knew when I worked another area of the jail he was always thinking, Gosh, I need to be on that side of the Jail. It is very funny, when you think of all the ways we were thinking of getting close to each other, but could never make it happen! I am so sure now that God definitely has a plan and knows exactly what he is doing even when we don’t , because even though I liked him there was no way I could have gone out with him at that point, and there was no way he would have ever asked again if I had turned him down.

The job ended, and Robert went to work somewhere else, and I didn’t get to see him anymore, but he never left my mind. I thought about him a lot. More times than he could probably know. I told my best friend again and again that she needed to have a plumbing emergency to get him over to her house so he could fix it for her, and I could talk to him. And we would laugh and concoct all of these crazy excuses for having water spewing all over the place, but nothing ever came of it, for awhile that is.

About 3 months later, when my life had finally calmed down a bit, I realized that I was the one with the plumbing problem that needed to be fixed! My sink was releasing water all over the pans in the bottom of the cabinet. Well, I call my best friend to tell her that I was in need of the sexy plumber, and when I got off work I was going to go to her house so we could go get him. Only she was not home. So I drove up and down the street looking for what I thought would be a sexy bachelors’ house and tried to decipher which one I thought it would be. I thought the entire time, he is too fine ain’t no way he could still be single! What am I going to do if a female answers the door?!! By that time I was really glad I was in a Sheriff’s Office uniform! When I did locate his home, no one was home!

I took out a pen an I wrote him a little note and stuck it to his door, telling him about my terrible problem, and how the landlord wouldn’t do anything about it. I reminded him who I was and how he knew me from the jail, and asked him couldn’t he please give me a call to help me with this problem.

He did the next day at lunch when my best friend and I was on out way to the beach. Well, the first thing she did when I told her who I was talking to was scream “ Tell him we want to know why he is still single!”. So much for beating around the bush! Robert and I talked until I lost signal, and then we even tried to talk some more, but could not because the service is so bad on the beach. When he got off work that day, we talked for at least 3 and a half hours on the phone. And when I did make it home I took a shower and made it over to his house where we finally had a chance to talk and get acquainted. Truly we have been joined at the hip since then, and in a little over a year we have not spent more than a weeks worth of time away from each other.

After we dated a few months, some friends of ours were planning on going to Fantasyfest in the Keys and asked if we wanted to go too. We both wanted to go, and could not wait to load up the truck! In our relationship we were right at the place where you say “I love you” for the first time, but had not quite made it there yet. I thought it a million times a day, but was not going to be the first to say it, although I was very scared, because I knew I was going to slip up. Of course I did! The night before we left for the Keys, some friends of ours were coming over to the house to visit, and as they drove up I told him I was going to go do something, and he said “Ok” and as I was walking out the room, it slipped, “ Love you”. I was then busted, and he told me later that he thought he heard me right, but he wasn’t sure. I was mortified!

He didn’t tell me that night that he loved me, and it wasn’t really something I wanted to talk about. We made our trip down, and had a wonderful time in the Keys. While we were out partying one night, out of the blue, he told me he loved me for the first time on Duval Street in the middle of the road. It was the most breath-taking moment I could have ever experienced, like when every sound around you goes quiet, and the whole world ceases to spin, and all there is for that moment is you and the one you love and you hear those three tiny words... I Love You. I am telling you now, hearts and stars, lightning, everything seemed to be flying in circles all around me as he stepped in closer to me and sealed his proclamation of love with the most breathtaking movie perfect kiss you would have ever seen.

Now a year later I will be getting married about 2 days shy of the anniversary of that day to the most wonderful man in the world, in the same place we stayed at a year ago, in the same spot we knew we wanted to get married at the first time we laid eyes on it! ( But you could not talk about that stuff then!)
I thank God everyday for all the things he has given me, the blessings that I have received, the life he has led me into, without me ever having a clue. It was not until now that life made any sense whatsoever, and I give him the glory and the praise for leading me, even when I questioned. He always knows what is best for us, even when we think we do.

Our Destiny, Our Future:
We met years ago through a group of friends. We didn’t really want to hang around in the "hot spots" in town, instead, as a true friend Steve invited me to a hockey game. We had so much fun! I fell in love with him that night but didn’t tell him. I had four adult children and some baggage that went along with it. Most of the my children were in the military, more baggage before and during our country’s war on terrorism. Steve had been in the Marine Corp, and he was very helpful to me to get through this time. I’m not done yet as I still have a daughter over in Iraq. After 9-11, the financial industry took a dive and I lost my job of 15 years. Steve agreed to move to Pennsylvania with me for a job opportunity from our home in Minnesota. The job didn’t work out and my children were done with their time in the service and needed a home and a mother to come home to so we made our way back to Minnesota.

To summarize: He will never leave me, we tried to get married many times, but my children were either getting deployed to Iraq or coming back, getting married or having children. Kids have always come first to Steve and I and we believe that children always deserve the best beginnings. NOW is the time for Steve and I to pledge our love for one another forever!

We will pledge our commitment in front of no family, but our God and all the souls who have carried us thru years of heart-ache and laughter. Our family will be there in spirit. Steve is my SOUL MATE and we both believe the healing powers of water so our escape to be married in the Florida Keys by the beautiful life giving waters is perfect for us. Water is what kept my Father alive thru a debilitating illness , water is what we are baptized in to cleanse our souls. Water is soothing and comforting just as our love is to each other. Without Love , Water and Human Contact we would all perish.

Steve and Barb Jambor

"Steve and I first met in 1984 during our senior year of college. We dated for about a year and a half, and while I thought I was ready to make our relationship more permanent, Steve was smart enough to know that he wasn't ready for the next step, so we went our separate ways. Over the years we still thought about each other and wondered where the other one was and how their life was progressing. I had always felt badly about how things ended between us and wished I'd had a chance to set things right. I had since married, had two children, and divorced. Steve had come close to marrying more than once, but never quite took that next step.

A couple of years ago, I had met a person through the internet (on a diet website) who lived in the same state as me and was also a single mom. After a year of being online diet buddies, we decided to meet for dinner. We got to talking and I found out that she works for a company that my college sweetheart had worked for after graduating, and she even remembered him! I told her my story of how I had actually tried over the years to find him and how badly I felt about how our relationship had ended. The next day, she had contacted a mutual co-worker of Steve's as he had since changed jobs and moved to another state. She sent me his e-mail address and I contacted him. He responded the next day and called me that night. From then on, we talked nightly – for hours at times – and eventually made plans to meet halfway to see each other in person. It turns out that Steve had also looked for me on and off over the years. Once we were together again, it was as if we had never been apart. Only it was better now, since we were both more mature and we found that we actually had even more in common now than we did in college. I felt like I had come home, and finally knew what people meant when they would tell me that you'll know it when you meet the right one for you. I realized that Steve was the one for me all along – I was just too blind to see it before.

Within four months, Steve proposed, I accepted, and we are now married and living happily ever after! We wanted a wedding that reflected our personalities, so we decided on a small barefoot in the sand beach wedding in the Florida Keys and were lucky enough to find Bernadette to marry us. Life is good!

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